Using the Five Senses in Marketing and Retail

Establishing the right ambiance goes much further than simply following the latest trends and putting up a few carefully placed lighting fixtures. To create the best possible experiences for shoppers, retailers need to deftly appeal to each one of the five senses in ways that will help consumers to connect with their brand.

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Offering in-store taste testing opportunities is nothing new, but as this Small Business article illustrates, it is still one of the most effective ways to connect with consumers. As brands are starting to become more daring, things like live cooking demonstrations are increasing in popularity. The drama and theatrics of these demonstrations are often immediately impressive, and the opportunity for consumers to taste ingredients they might not have tried before is an excellent way to enhance engagement through conversation.


In addition to good lighting, it is also important to ensure that your retail space feels welcoming and comfortable. Appealing to a wide range of shoppers can be difficult, which is why creating several zones within a single space can be beneficial.

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Bringing DJs into retail spaces for special events can be an excellent way to attract additional customers, but this isn’t the only way to integrate sound into your retail space because in store media consoles can be programmed to play customized playlists that will help to set an appropriate tone, feel and mood. Regularly updated in store media from Mood Media means that playlists can be rotated with ease, allowing you to establish a familiar mood within your space without subjecting your more frequent shoppers to a dull or monotonous auditory experience.


Tactile experiences are a core component of the in-store shopping experience, which is why it is important to create a chic shopping environment that invites shoppers to feel fabrics and touch objects to inform their purchasing decisions. From old-school scratch-and-sniff cards to touchscreen technologies, there is a range of ways to provide shoppers with an engaging and enjoyable shopping experience.


Customized scents can be used in a variety of ways to make a positive impression and increase brand familiarity. The scent has extremely strong connections with memory, so using in-store air fresheners and scented packaging can help you to make a positive impression that shoppers will have the opportunity to experience again when they open their purchases at home.

The Different Types of Industrial Shelving

For any company involved in storing goods, making sure they are kept safe, secure and easy to find within your warehouse is key to a successful operation. Pallet racking is one of the main ways to do this. It allows you to store items upwards as well as across the warehouse floor, which can help you cut costs and increase efficiencies. There are, however, other types of industrial shelving available, which we’ve outlined below.

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  1. Mobile Shelving

As the name implies, mobile shelving allows you to move your shelves as and when needed. Mobile shelves allow you to save space – you can push shelves against each other, for example, creating space as you need to access your products or rearrange them based on the size of the products you’re storing.

  1. Wire Shelving

Wire shelving can be freestanding or attached to a wall. It is lightweight, meaning it is easy to move if needed, and versatile. Certain sectors including electronics, medical and catering favour wire shelving as it can be easy to clean.

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  1. Double Rivet Shelving

This type of shelving is especially popular in retail and wholesale industries as it’s strong and durable and highly customizable as you can generally adjust the height of the shelves. Double rivet shelving is incredibly versatile so if you think it might be the for you, look at industrial shelving Ireland based Rackzone has to offer. They specialize in helping industrial shelving Ireland customers find the right shelving for their needs.

  1. Circular Shelving

If you are short on space or need to store smaller parts you need to access quickly, circular shelving is a good option. Always ensure you consider manual handling issues for staff also, even if they are only working with smaller items. Guidance can be found here –

Whichever shelving you pick don’t forget about the accessories you might need as these will help you maximize the use of space and lead to increased efficiencies. This might include metal clips that allow you to hang baskets down from the shelves, drawers or bins (for smaller items) or dividers that allow you to store more than one type of product on the same shelf without them getting mixed up. This way, you will be able to stay organized without wasting space.

Every Business Should Have An Employment Attorney

An employment attorney can represent your business if you are ever accused of discrimination or terminating someone for some unjust reason. It is not enough to simply hope that you will never have to deal with such a situation. People that lose their jobs for one reason or another are often bitter and looking to get even in some way. Don’t let your company be blindsided by unforeseen accusations. Be ready to defend your actions with the help of an employment litigation lawyer that has handled these types of cases in the past.

Your reputation as a legitimate enterprise could be on the line if someone accuses your company of treating employees unfairly. It doesn’t matter if the situation in question has to do with wages, confidentiality agreement violations, or some disciplinary action. An employment attorney can review the corresponding labor and employment laws and your current practices to advise you. In most cases, there are surveillance tapes, time clock records, and other pieces of evidence that can be used as part of your defense case. Just be sure that you make these items available to your lawyer for review. He or she will know which records are relevant to the issue at hand.

In many cases, your employment attorney can meet with the lawyer representing the other party and settle the case before it even makes it to court. There is really no need for expensive legal battles to drag on, especially if your company can present evidence that challenges the legitimacy of the person’s claim. Lawyers, no matter which side they are on, want to resolve all matters as quickly and amicably as possible. That is why it is nice to have a professional you can call when communication starts to break down. A professional with your interests in mind can maintain composure through any proceedings that an employer may find themselves in.

With all of these considerations in mind, it might be time to retain a legal representative you feel you can trust. Then, if a problem ever arises, you will only have to pick up the phone to obtain their services and get a matter resolved.

Does your business have an employment attorney? Portland, Oregon business owners can consult with one from Bullard Law. For more information, visit:

Huawei’s Business Development Is Different In Europe And America

Although Huawei, which is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, has achieved considerable success in the UK, the company’s operations in the United States also faced many obstacles. It is a major supplier of British Telecom and it committed to enable Europe to become the “second headquarters.” The U.S. government has repeatedly blocked its acquisition of U.S. companies or participating in the lucrative large-scale contract bidding.

Huawei ‘s cloud computing marketing director Ron Raffen Sperger at Storage Networking World Europe Conference said: “It will be difficult to get access to some parts of the U.S. telecommunications industry.”

Huawei on October 5 set up a special enterprise business unit in the United States. The purpose of this section is to help Huawei sell servers, storage, other cloud-related kits and telecommunications equipment to the U.S. companies. On Huawei getting involved in certain fields of telecommunications with the U.S. government permission, Sperger said he did not think the company will specially set up a U.S. government department.

In October, the U.S. Department of Commerce informed Huawei, for security reasons, it had to exclude Huawei from the bidding which aimed to help the United States establish national emergency response wireless networks. A year ago, Huawei was forced to withdraw from the tender that helped with Sprint Telecom’s network modernization, and the reasons are the safety questioned by some officials. Huawei has been dening its allegations of close ties with the Chinese military.

The analysts think that Huawei’s breaking of the core business line of U.S. telecommunications is only a matter of time, but he admitted that some areas may be difficult to intervene. He said that these areas are the heart of exchange of interests of the large telecom operators.

However, Huawei has also achieved some of the good results. The company has already begun to sell its mobile devices in the U.S. market. AT & T has begun selling its mobile phones. At the same time, the company has cooperated with some small telecommunications companies. Huawei said: “The second and third tier operators are using our radio equipment. I believe we can get success in selling ur IT products to the general U.S. private sector.” Currently, Huawei is trying to become a total “solutions” company, not just a company that is only famous for “3G dongle”.

Like other manufacturers, Huawei began selling more and more integrated hardware package. It started to deploy a private cloud package for some customers- the hardware and software that can support network storage and computing infrastructure. Britain is a major deployment area.

How to Cover the Costs of a Bill You Weren’t Expecting

Try as you may to stick to your budget, there will come a time when a bill or expense pops up that you’re not prepared for. A plumbing emergency arises that costs more than you have in your savings account, a subscription service automatically renews and you forgot to budget it in, or the car breaks down requiring a stiff repair bill. It could happen to anyone. Fortunately, there are solutions to resolving the matter, even when you’re broke.

Negotiate a Payment Plan

Before you start looking for financial resources, it is best to contact the service provider or creditor first. Discuss your financial circumstances and your inability to pay the balance in full upfront. Ask if there are other options you could try to keep your account in good standing and/or to cover the cost of the service. Most companies just want to get paid and will work something out with you that won’t ruin your credit or put you over budget.

Borrow the Money

If you don’t have it to give, ask someone who does. Borrowing is another solution to getting rid of that unexpected expense. Even if you don’t have decent credit, there are payday loan alternatives for bad credit you can get approved for online. The process only takes a few minutes and if you qualify, you could have access to funds in as little as 24 hours. Be sure that you pay attention to the loan agreement and payment terms to ensure you can afford to repay it on time. Failure to do so could just result in more debt and another unexpected expense.

Sell Some Things

When you don’t have the money in your account and you can’t afford to borrow it, you can get rid of a few things to earn the money. In years past, this would have meant advertising and organizing a yard sale. However, thanks to mobile apps like Let it Go, you can take a picture of something you’re looking to sell and receive an offer in minutes allowing you to earn quick cash to pay off that bill.

Complete a Few Gigs

Do you have some spare time on your hands that you can dedicate to helping or serving others? If so, you could make a decent day’s earnings by checking ads online. Sites like Craigslist, for instance, allows people to posts gigs or mini jobs they need help with. This could be helping someone move, working on a construction site, or even running errands. If you have the talent and time, it is worth considering to get some quick cash.

The truth is, unexpected financial expenses will happen more often than not. Though being proactive and starting an emergency fund, when you’re tapped for cash, you need a solution – and fast. Knowing where you can turn in times of trouble is the first step to solving the problem. Whether you decide to borrow the money, negotiate with your creditor or get rid of some things you no longer use, you’ll greatly reduce or eliminate the debt giving you peace of mind – at least for now.

A Few Things You Should Know Before Getting Involved In Network Marketing

With all the economic hiccups and credit crunches happening worldwide, many people are always on the lookout on how they can improve or mend their financial situations. Usually, they take extra work on top of their day jobs. With these, it is no wonder why many people are getting curious at network marketing jobs.

What is network marketing?
Network marketing can be referred to as a marketing technique or strategy that involves independent agents to get in touch with prospective clients in exchange for a specific amount of commission for the sales that they are able to make as well as the sales made by the other people in which that agent has sponsored into the business. Usually agents who are engaged in network marketing have the option to do their work on their free time for a specific number of hours or on a full time basis. If you are thinking of taking such type of work, here are a few things you should know before getting involved in network marketing.

Compensation Through Recruitment-

You must avoid any network marketing companies that offer compensation plans, which include payments coming purely from recruiting other distributors. This may be a sign that the network marketing company you are talking to is just a pyramid scheme.

Purchasing a Set of Expensive Products or Items in Advance-

You should also watch out for network marketing companies that will require their new distributors to buy a set of expensive items or products in advance. This is another sign of a pyramiding scheme and this will just collapse quickly.

Making Money Through a Downline-

You must also be cautious when a network marketing company would offer you plan where you will only make money if you constantly expand your downline instead of sales through products. Real network marketing jobs must not depend on the recruitment of other distributors to earn or by expanding the downline.

Get the Facts Straight-

Most network marketing companies have products related to health. If the network marketing company claims that their products have extensive health benefits, you have to get that information validated before believing or repeating them. The facts need to backed up by real validation and not just by the words of the representative that you are talking to.

Scrutinize What They are Saying About Incomes-

Other network marketing representatives would entice you to join their network marketing company by providing you information about the potential income that you can have or their current earning marks. However, you must be watchful and as much as you can scrutinize what they are saying since those using the pyramiding scheme will lie about their actual earnings just so you will join.

Never Be Pressured-

When joining a legit network marketing company, representatives will never pressure you or put you on the spot in such a way that you will feel compelled to join or sign contracts. They should allow you to take your time so you can think about their proposal more as well as weigh the pros and cons of the business for you.

Network marketing, just like any business, is not risk-free. Moreover, there would be certain individuals who might take advantage of the economic bumps just so they can recruit people in doing non-beneficial network marketing scheme. You must always be cautious and always think about things thrice. Remember these few things you should know before getting involved in network marketing.

To Become An Independent Business Owner In A Global Business

In the last decade, many MLM Business Opportunities have gone global. Now many savvy Independent Business Owner are recruiting strong leaders in the every country that the business opportunity are present. With some Companies expanding to over twenty countries in four or five continents, they are customers everywhere. If you are interested in finding out more about this and / or want to becoming an Independent Business Owner in a Global Business, read on.

Many people that what to start up in business dont consider Network Marketing / MLM mostly because of the misconception about the industry. The business opportunities that MLM Companies provide to Entrepreneurs is unique in the world of business.

1.Easy to Start Once you become an Independent Business Owner in any of the global business opportunities our Global Partners will set-up everything you need within 24 hours. Your On-line shops in over twenty countries, your initial training courses and I will be there to guide you whenever you need me.

2.Capital For most MLM opportunities, the initial Capital cost just about the same or less than your PS4 or Xbox One. To get a life time opportunity to be involved in a business with incredible potential income opportunity Find Out More

3.Prerequisites In this industry no former Education is required, none. Absolutely no prior business experience or skills needed. No discrimination of any kind on any basis; religion, sex, orientation, race, disability, nothing.

4.Income / Salary This global business opportunity has no salary but with massive income potentials including passive income. The amount of income depends on you, your drive, how much time you dedicate to the business. It is not capped, no ceiling.

To make a success as an Independent Business Owner, you will need to be;
1.Open minded
3.Very Coachable
5.Hard working

Some of the benefits of becoming an Independent Business Owner in a MLM global business Opportunity;
Become to your boss
Earn what you want
Tremendous on-line, face to face training and annual international conventions

These business opportunities are simple and makes a lot of sense. Diverse MLM companies and Independent Business Owners market products and services that many people want and consume on a daily basis.

If you want to know more or become Independent Business Owner in the a MLM global Business Opportunity, download my free eReport HERE to open your mind to the amazing world of Global business in the 21st century.

Membership Sites – A Super Business Model For Recurring Income

Membership sites are exploding on the net as the core of business opportunities. Membership sites that have month-to-month membership subscriptions can produce you a massive recurring income every single day, weekly month to month and for every single year ahead.. Membership sites are gaining popularity on account of of their solid business models and chance to create recurrent income from multiple sources. Membership sites are great revenue models, both for your own business and for having the allure to affiliate marketers who will be eager to profit from your program.

Abundant articles about membership sites appear to be by folks who have not actually owned a lucrative one. I will make the same main point in relation to membership sites that other folks do: in basic terms that they are the best marketing on the internet business model going. One of the biggest reservations about getting a membership site open is the challenge of the graft that goes into the first setup; but this is always get over.


Membership sites are thriving and more mand more favour WordPress as the content developmentstructure. The ease of WordPress blogs makes them ideal as a Membership management platform. Membership businesses are much less vulnerable to changes in the marketplace. I’ve listed below the peak OCI keywords from a search on membership sites that I conducted using Market Samurai.. High OCI means that those searching on that search term are more inclined to purchase. What is apparent is that here is a strong benefit in health-oriented membership & building online businesses around those topical key words would be profitable. The other key trend is that there is an appeal in setting up membership sites themselves: people are searching on terms like “membership site scripts” with an intent to BUY…

Membership site oriented key words with 60-99% OCI:

membership camping
gym membership
gyms membership
travel membership sites
health club membership
cash membership site
fitness center membership
membership site scripts * people are looking to set them up…
athletic club membership
membership site for sale
gym memberships
esporta membership
health and fitness membership
gym membership software
mini membership site* mini sites always a popular model
mini membership sites*
instant membership site creator* there is a market for the computer software
memberships sites
memberships site
membership sites for sale
gym membership rates
membership site software
nysc membership
build membership site
build membership sites
membership sites software
wp membership site
business membership site
membership site creator
membership site design
membership site owner
building membership sites
membership site management


Marketplace share is essential to any business and membership merchandising provides a way to acquire massive market share. You don’t need to be an expert… anyone can begin an Internet membership business. Here’s why you must. The membership business model translates into a dependable income stream. They offer stability – folks become members in something they are eager about or for something they need. A membership site offers you satisfaction of continual interaction with your clients. If you get an idea for a new enterprise I soundly endorse building it around a membership site.


Internet marketing is not for lazy people! Even the most excellent and most appealing ideas need to be put ‘out there’ before they can work. If you do search phrase research in the Internet marketing niche you can observe that among the most frequently searched for expressions: is how to make money online.

If you’ve been struggling to break even with your on-line home-based business, or even if you’re earning ‘okay money’ using Internet marketing, affiliate programs, niche marketing or blogging, prepare for a MAJOR SHIFT in your beliefs. I must have tested them all: niche internet marketing, pay-per-click, affiliate promoting – in short, a whole raft of other ways to earn a living on the internet but nothing actually ‘clicked’ for me. My blog is THE most important marketing tool I’ve employed to profitably promote my membership sites. Another impressive feature of a membership site is that you simply have to generate the content once and subsequently you can keep promoting it again and again.


WordPress is extremely well-liked for the reason that it delivers you a powerful contents management platform. With WordPress its uncomplicated to generate a multi-leveled membership site using free wordpress plugins. With a WordPress weblog you can immediately host password protected contents without special plug-ins being required. Thesis Theme is one of the most common, SEO optimized premium WordPress Themes that allows you to mark out your entire web site layout. Irrespective of whether the membership site is paid or free, WordPress is a perfect software platform to turn your blog into a cash-producing membership site.


Membership sites are able to sell for a top price for the reason that business people are conscious of the intrinsic worth of a buying customer base. No matter if youre seeking to sell-on or not, membership sites are magnificent way to make cash on-line. Historically membership sites required costly and complicated scripts.
A membership site can be a major informational focus. Information sells and you can undoubtedly make a great deal of cash by offering well packaged knowledge in the formula of a fee-based membership website. Entrepreneurs with huge membership sites typically have email lists numbering in the 1000’s and their brand gets known as expert. I did not anticipate that creating membership sites would be easy!

Do You Really Need Virtual Tours For Your Business

Since the onset of web we have seen some web properties doing well sans all those graphics, whereas other are relying solely on graphical extravaganza, whether still graphics or animations. So it becomes necessary for you to decide “Do You Really Need some Virtual Tour (360 Tour) add-ons for your site”.

Think for a moment, if yours is a directory or a portal solely meant for information sharing and your forte lies more in database maintenance then you should not turn to virtual tours. Some of the biggest portals in web are without any virtual tour elements.

This site owns thousands of text books and audio books for free and maintains its popularity for the sake of its resources. Pure, plain texts, no frames – as simple as it is.

But when yours is a purely business site (portal), a virtual tour might add commercial value to a great extent. Remember, here you need to add a 3D virtual tour not just as a novelty item to add glare. You take calculative measures to give a virtual makeover. You start doing things moneywise. Making sense?

A hotel, restaurant, super mall or purely scientific instructional site need not just virtual tours but many tiny 3D animations to make things clears. Here, I would like to discuss an incident the day before. I was looking for resource material on “The Brain Factor in Anxiety and Depression”. I got quite a few good sites but they did not quench my thirst until I hit a site – a rich store of 3D illustrations. And now I can well teach someone what is the underlying thing in depression.

Coming to the topic, in real estates, hotels and restaurants the first impression lasts. A glossy virtual presence matters, because for the simple reason “when you go on a trip to San Francisco you would better book a room in the hotel you visited yesterday on your laptop”. I am sure you will never make a hunt of hotels while in transit.

In real estate business – all that glitters is gold! The larger and clearer images, and brighter colors will set you apart from the others.

Are you Planning a Virtual Hotel/Restaurant Tour?

Technically anything online is virtual and visiting those it virtual tour. But in trade terms virtual tour (360 tour or 3D tour) is a panoramic view that displays a realtime look.

There are several things that helps you plan a virtual tour for your restaurant, hotel or real estate business. First of them is, of course, your budget. Then you must consider your customers. Finally “which way to show” and “what to hide”.

1. You can create the most simple type of 3D tour by
combining a series of pictures. Use captions explain each picture. The benefits of making panorama of a pile of pictures is that it is easily downloadable and plain. Also it is cost effective.

2. The second is you can prepare 3D virtual tour from a video footage. The process involves making a shockwave animation with less aspect ratio and streaming properties. But the hurdle here can be professional look, amateur video shoot or unprofessional optimization. Together they can ruin the work. It is cheaper.

3. The third is fully interactive, programmed 3D
virtual tour, with various nodes, mapped for easy walkthrough. This is costly but pays in long run. It takes the visitor to the driver seat for a complete experience. The visitor can look around, have access of the surroundings, turn to directions, peep through the location, zoom in and out. And draw a conclusion from his/her experience.

Flaunting and Covering the Scenes in a Virtual Tour

Ever seen the 3D virtual hotel tour of a star hotel? Analyzed
the content? What was worthwhile and what was junk?

Well, if the hotel is sandwiched in the heart of the city you would better show the hotel interiors and illuminate the profits staying at the centrestage of a busy city that never sleeps. Otherwise you would better show the scenic surroundings of the hotel and tranquil atmosphere of a day out into this great hotel.

Either way it is good where a lot depends how well you understand to put your thoughts into 3D. Story telling in virtual hotel/restaurant tour is never easy.

The virtual tour helps visitors an easy access to your actual site (hotel, restaurant or mall). They will feel being at the right place because they have virtually visited. They can even go a long way to demonstrate your accessibility and openness.

Hire Renowned Business Lawyer, Dick Bufkin

Businesses need to be conducted according to certain business rules and laws. These laws deal with all of the aspects of the business including sales, partnership, trade, merchandising and conduct. It’s a very huge field and can be difficult for an individual to approach on their own. This is where business lawyers and professional financial advisors will help you. The business lawyer explains all of your responsibilities and also provides comprehensive information about what can and cannot be done in order to prevent your company from having to deal with lawsuits and other legal issues.

If you are looking for one of the best business lawyers and financial consultants in Dallas, then Dick Bufkin is the best lawyer for you. Dick Bufkin has over 35 years of experience in providing legal representation in financial and litigation oriented matters. He is recognized as one of the best financial attorneys in Dallas and is one of very few business lawyers who hold CFF (Certification in Financial Forensics) credentials from the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Dick Bufkin has extensive financial forensic skills and knowledge. Dick Bufkin offers a wide variety of legal services including valuations, family law, economical damages, computer forensics, bankruptcy, financial statement representation, and more. You should acquire the assistance of the attorney at this leading firm to ensure that your legal and financial matters are handled in the best possible manner.

The Bufkin Law Firm offers many legal services including financial consulting, litigation, and non-litigation assistance. They offer the most effective and affordable Litigation consulting services in Dallas. Whether you need consultancy services for partnership or fiduciary litigation, probate disputes, divorce, bankruptcy adversary proceedings, asset protection engagements, cases involving lost profits and other economic damages, they are here to help you. Dick Bufkin is up to date on all of the latest business laws and cases in order to provide the most excellent services to all of his clients.

Unlike other expert forensic attorneys in Dallas, Dick Bufkin gives close attention to each and every one of his clients in order to find the best solutions for their legal issues. The Bufkin Law offers affordable services, excellent representation, and leading consulting services in the Dallas area.