Using the Five Senses in Marketing and Retail

Establishing the right ambiance goes much further than simply following the latest trends and putting up a few carefully placed lighting fixtures. To create the best possible experiences for shoppers, retailers need to deftly appeal to each one of the five senses in ways that will help consumers to connect with their brand.

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Offering in-store taste testing opportunities is nothing new, but as this Small Business article illustrates, it is still one of the most effective ways to connect with consumers. As brands are starting to become more daring, things like live cooking demonstrations are increasing in popularity. The drama and theatrics of these demonstrations are often immediately impressive, and the opportunity for consumers to taste ingredients they might not have tried before is an excellent way to enhance engagement through conversation.


In addition to good lighting, it is also important to ensure that your retail space feels welcoming and comfortable. Appealing to a wide range of shoppers can be difficult, which is why creating several zones within a single space can be beneficial.

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Bringing DJs into retail spaces for special events can be an excellent way to attract additional customers, but this isn’t the only way to integrate sound into your retail space because in store media consoles can be programmed to play customized playlists that will help to set an appropriate tone, feel and mood. Regularly updated in store media from Mood Media means that playlists can be rotated with ease, allowing you to establish a familiar mood within your space without subjecting your more frequent shoppers to a dull or monotonous auditory experience.


Tactile experiences are a core component of the in-store shopping experience, which is why it is important to create a chic shopping environment that invites shoppers to feel fabrics and touch objects to inform their purchasing decisions. From old-school scratch-and-sniff cards to touchscreen technologies, there is a range of ways to provide shoppers with an engaging and enjoyable shopping experience.


Customized scents can be used in a variety of ways to make a positive impression and increase brand familiarity. The scent has extremely strong connections with memory, so using in-store air fresheners and scented packaging can help you to make a positive impression that shoppers will have the opportunity to experience again when they open their purchases at home.