Huawei’s Business Development Is Different In Europe And America

Although Huawei, which is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, has achieved considerable success in the UK, the company’s operations in the United States also faced many obstacles. It is a major supplier of British Telecom and it committed to enable Europe to become the “second headquarters.” The U.S. government has repeatedly blocked its acquisition of U.S. companies or participating in the lucrative large-scale contract bidding.

Huawei ‘s cloud computing marketing director Ron Raffen Sperger at Storage Networking World Europe Conference said: “It will be difficult to get access to some parts of the U.S. telecommunications industry.”

Huawei on October 5 set up a special enterprise business unit in the United States. The purpose of this section is to help Huawei sell servers, storage, other cloud-related kits and telecommunications equipment to the U.S. companies. On Huawei getting involved in certain fields of telecommunications with the U.S. government permission, Sperger said he did not think the company will specially set up a U.S. government department.

In October, the U.S. Department of Commerce informed Huawei, for security reasons, it had to exclude Huawei from the bidding which aimed to help the United States establish national emergency response wireless networks. A year ago, Huawei was forced to withdraw from the tender that helped with Sprint Telecom’s network modernization, and the reasons are the safety questioned by some officials. Huawei has been dening its allegations of close ties with the Chinese military.

The analysts think that Huawei’s breaking of the core business line of U.S. telecommunications is only a matter of time, but he admitted that some areas may be difficult to intervene. He said that these areas are the heart of exchange of interests of the large telecom operators.

However, Huawei has also achieved some of the good results. The company has already begun to sell its mobile devices in the U.S. market. AT & T has begun selling its mobile phones. At the same time, the company has cooperated with some small telecommunications companies. Huawei said: “The second and third tier operators are using our radio equipment. I believe we can get success in selling ur IT products to the general U.S. private sector.” Currently, Huawei is trying to become a total “solutions” company, not just a company that is only famous for “3G dongle”.

Like other manufacturers, Huawei began selling more and more integrated hardware package. It started to deploy a private cloud package for some customers- the hardware and software that can support network storage and computing infrastructure. Britain is a major deployment area.