What Are The Benefits Of Using Dell Dedicated Servers For Your Business

If you want your business or corporation to be highly productive, you have to form an organised, stable and secure network that consists of workstations and dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are required if you want to create an intranet that hundreds of computers will access. When it comes to file sharing and communication, a good dedicated server will give you the stability and performance that your business needs. If you are still looking for a reliable dedicated server, you should choose Dell for the following reasons.

Dell are a top brand for computers and laptops these days yet arguably they havent really been so successful in the tablet and smartphone industry. This is why Dell has made the decision to follow the path of IBM and focus more on the enterprise sector. Dell remains committed in serving consumers but their new focus is good news for emerging companies that are looking for good server solutions.

With this shift, Dell can focus on enhancing their PowerEdge line-up of servers. As of 2012, Dell introduced the 12th generation of PowerEdge tower, rack and blade servers. There are dozens of models to choose from, which is always good for businesses because they can choose the right specs for their networking requirements at a reasonable price. The price of each configuration is listed on the Dell website so you can always move on to another model for comparison purposes and see what the cheaper dedicated servers are missing.

The Dell website has a PowerEdge section where you can choose the type of server you want. Then you can choose your segment so you will be pointed to the right configuration. Their newest servers are equipped with the latest 32nm E5 Xeon Processors. You are able to choose the number of processors and cores per processor depending on the role of your server. You can also choose from a variety of operating systems including Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit including Hyper-V, Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and even VMware vSphere. With such futureproof specifications, these Dell dedicated servers should be ready to handle future operating systems like Windows 8 Server.

Since Dell is so committed to the enterprise now, Dell dedicated server owners should have better access to support when problems arise. Dell features global support and aims to reduce the level of IT complexity through their dedicated Dell Services team. Dell has an extensive support site where you can engage in live chat conversations with members of the support team or contact Dell experts through email or phone.

With Intel developing new chips, Dell will definitely be one of the first to feature new PowerEdge models that feature more powerful and efficient hardware to make businesses even more productive. On top of that, some of the biggest corporations and enterprises use Dell dedicated servers for reliable operation.